Popular Dominos Coupons 2014

Dominos is a leading online pizza delivery store that offers a fantastic selection of wood-fired pizzas throughout India. Renowned worldwide for their specially made hand-tossed pizzas, wide variety of toppings and flavours and delectable and delicious tastes, Dominos is one of the leading pizza outlets in the country. Owned by international pizza giants, Domino’s Pizza India Ltd, the Dominos online store combines high quality products in the pizzas with a fast and reliable delivery service, as well as customer service excellence. Once you have made your pizza selection, enter the coupon code into the provided field at the online store. Click the ‘redeem coupon’ button and the full value attached to this discount will be deducted from the purchase total. Finally, complete the easy online transaction and wait for your steaming hot pizzas to be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Receive 1 Free off purchases on Pizza Merchandise every 2nd FRIDAY Only!

Valid until 27 February 2015

Spend on Pizza Merchandise to obtain 1 Free for your purchase! 2nd Pizza must be of Same or Lesser Value. Not VALID on Regular, Simply Veg & Simply Non-Veg Pizzas; Sides; Beverages & Combos

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Flat 20% off purchases on Merchandise above ₹ 350

Valid until 31 December 2014

Spend above ₹ 350 on Merchandise to obtain flat 20% off your purchase. Only VALID on Monday / Tuesday / Thursday. NOT VALID on 15, 16 & 18 SEPTEMBER !

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Flat 15% off purchases on Online Merchandise above ₹ 350 for New Customers

Valid until 30 October 2014

Spend above ₹ 350 on Online Merchandise to obtain flat 15% off your purchase. Only VALID for New Registrations

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30% off purchases on Monday Magic Merchandise

Valid until 11 July 2016

Spend on Monday Magic Merchandise to obtain 30% off your purchase. Only VALID on Mondays!

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25% off purchases on Mid-Week Masti Merchandise above ₹ 350 for Wednesdays Only!

Valid until 31 December 2014

Spend above ₹ 350 Mid-Week Masti on Merchandise to obtain 25% off your purchase. Only VALID on Wednesdays! Not VALID on 23 July 2014

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Free Garlic Bread & Dip off purchases on Merchandise above ₹ 350 during Weekends

Valid until 28 December 2014

Spend above ₹ 350 on Merchandise during Weekends to obtain Free Garlic Bread & Dip with your purchase. Not VALID on 19 - 21 Sep 2014

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Dominos – Award Winning Pizza

Dominos is a franchise that reaches back as far 1960, holding a reputation that speaks of quality food, fast delivery and friendly customer service. Today, with a full menu from which to choose and stores found across the world, more than ever people associate the name of Dominos with a good night in.

Dominos – Hand Tossed or Deep Dish

Upon arriving on the Dominos website you will be asked to choose your location from the central roll down menu, and whether you prefer home delivery or pickup. Please keep in mind that home delivery is not possible in all locations and that the home delivery option may not be available if this is the case. Once you have selected your location you will arrive on the menu page. The main categories of pizza can be found on the left hand side of the page, which include:

  • Feast Veg
  • Veg Special
  • Veg Treat
  • Feast Non Veg
  • Non Veg Special
  • Non Veg Treat


Select the pizza you desire and you will be given the option to customise it as you prefer, including options such as: deep dish, hand tossed, thin crust and cheese burst. The hand tossed variety is available in small, medium and large sizes, with the large variety serving up to four people. You are also given the option to add ingredients as you wish, such as vegetable ingredients like: olives, mushroom, corn, pineapple and pepper, or non vegetable toppings like: spicy chicken, barbeque chicken, chunky chicken and zesty chicken. Keep in mind that Dominos offers combo deals of two pizzas for your convenience, allowing for two completely separate pizzas to be customised in one order.

Delivery Restrictions in Your Location

Dominos acts under the assumption that you are locating the store closest to you on the website. Please carefully select the Dominos in your area when placing an order. If you are in the indicated delivery zone then Dominos is happy to guarantee you the 30 minutes or free delivery guarantee. If you find that you are not in a delivery area please feel free to place your order and collect it.

Dominos 30 Minutes or Free Guarantee

Dominos offers the 30 minutes or free policy on every order you place online. This means that if your order does not arrive on your doorstep in 30 minutes, you will receive it for free. Please keep in mind that if you modify a pizza that this guarantee may not apply due to extra work and complications. Please also keep in mind that Dominos may cover only orders of Rs.300 or less and that in times where business is notoriously high, such as New Year, the guarantee may not be offered. In the case of Dominos not being able to fulfil this guarantee you will be informed upon placing your order.

Cancellation Refunds

If you place an order which cannot be fulfilled, Dominos will be happy to refund your money in full. Payment will be reversed directly to the account from which it was made.